As we go about our day, we may not consider how many stops we make throughout a trip around town. It’s only when the car starts to have trouble do we realize how dangerous a brake problem can be. A great way to stay safe during a daily commute is to get routine inspections of a vehicle’s brake pads.

Because of how often a vehicle may be used and the way we operate it, our vehicle may need brake pad service sooner than others. If we recognize the signs of a worn brake pan, we can quickly get service. You can get your brakes serviced at Butler Ford, where we offer frequent coupons for service and parts.

Brakes Squealing?

In many vehicles, the brakes may squeal or squeak after sitting through the night. They can also make these noises in some weather conditions such as heavy rain. This is nothing to worry about unless it starts to happen all day or during any type of weather. Once the squealing becomes persistent on your drives around Macon, Dublin, or other areas, the brakes should be inspected by a professional.


When the brake pads wear down on a vehicle, each pad progresses at its rate. Because some pads have eroded more quickly than others, the brakes are no longer applying pressure in the same way. This results in the car starting to pull to the side. Whenever the driver tries to stop the vehicle, it will shift to the right or left. If we continue to operate the vehicle beyond this point, we are risking more damage and the higher repair cost in the future.


Once we have continued past the other warning signs, we may start to experience a grinding noise when we press the brakes. This usually means that the brakes pads have been completely worn down and metal is now pressing against metal. An experienced technician can inspect the brake pads as well as other parts of the braking system to advise on what repairs are needed.

Schedule Your Brake Service Near Eatonton

Here at Butler Ford, there is nothing more important than keeping drivers in Milledgeville safe. If you are experiencing problems with your brakes or just need routine servicing, our skilled technicians are available to help. Schedule your appointment today!

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