Ford builds great cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans. Whether you own a Ford Mustang that gets around town fast or a venerable F-150 work truck, you need to maintain it regularly. The service center at Butler Ford Inc is here to with routine servicing for you. That helps you to make sure it is reliable through four seasons of driving weather in the Milledgeville area. When you need Ford service, it helps to use the best parts. You can get the same original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts Ford uses to build your car on the assembly line. You can get those same Ford parts to maintain and repair your car and keep it in like-new running shape.

Why You Need Factory Ford Service

When Ford built your car, it also made a service schedule to follow. That service schedule takes into account the many parts and systems that make your Ford run its best. Those parts have limited service life. The factory Ford service interval tells you which parts need preventive maintenance to stay in the best running condition. The number of miles on your Ford and its age tells you which parts most likely need attention. Those include replacing the serpentine belt and timing belt at specific times to prevent a breakdown. You also get your brakes maintained, tires rotated and balanced, your coolant replaced or topped off as needed, and the battery and charging system inspected for proper working condition. Your Ford also gets a tune-up, oil change, and chassis and suspension adjustments and maintenance to runs its best on Dublin and Eatontown streets.

Schedule Ford Service Now

If your Ford is due for service, bring it into the service center at Butler Ford Inc near Macon. Our Ford parts counter has genuine OEM parts to make your Ford run like new. Our factory-trained and ASE-certified mechanics can give your car a full inspection and maintain all its important systems. We have a full selection of aftermarket parts by the top brands, too. That gives you options on pricing and parts quality. When your Ford rolls out of the service bay, it will run like brand new again and stay reliable for more travels. Also, be sure to take advantage of our service coupons and schedule your next service appointment online

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