When Do I Need to Service My Ford - Ford Repair and Maintenance in Milledgeville

With a busy schedule that makes demands of your free time, it sometimes feels hard to set aside an afternoon to work on your car. Everything you do, from keeping it clean and waxed to checking tire pressure and fluid levels in the engine, can really help in the long run and makes the time you dedicate to caring for your car worth the effort. The service center at Butler Ford Inc in Milledgeville proudly serves customers from Macon to Dublin and will work to keep your Ford in excellent condition.

Keeping your vehicle's exterior maintained by regularly washing, waxing and touching up the paint can keep patches of corrosion from spreading, saving you money in repairs. If you check your tire pressure and tread regularly and have them rotated according to the schedule in your Ford owner's manual, you'll extend the life of your tires, saving money on early replacements due to wear and tear. Replacing any spent bulbs in your headlights, turn signals and rear brake lights will keep you safely visible to motorists around you.

Regular oil changes will keep your engine running optimally, which can extend your vehicle's lifespan. Regularly replacing fuel, air, engine and cabin filters will keep things flowing smoothly and even improve the air you're breathing in the cabin as you drive. Long term maintenance care, like:

  • replacing belts
  • seals
  • gaskets
  • fluid flushing
  • replacing engine fluids
  • shock inspections

We're here to help you with every aspect of car care, from regular maintenance to surprise repairs. We offer plenty of convenient coupons to help you save money, including discounts on preventive seasonal care like wiper blade replacement and battery strength testing. There are also coupons for inspection and replacement of your brakes and tires to keep you driving safely. We always use certified Ford parts and manufacturer recommended engine additives wherever possible. Eatontown customers can also schedule service appointments online as well. Check with us often to see the current coupons we're running on the kind of maintenance you need for your vehicle.

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