Unlike your Ford, the tires on your vehicle won't last forever. It takes vigilance to ensure your tires stay in great working condition to keep you safe. On average, you can expect your tires to last about three years, depending on how many miles you drive in a year. But conditions can definitely take a toll on your tires. When the time comes for you to think about new tires, that is when you come to visit the tire team at Butler Ford. Their knowledge of your vehicle's needs is unmatched.

When Do You Need New Tires

It is important to keep an eye on your tires. Check the tread depth now and again. Or let the team at Butler Ford take a look when you come in for your oil change or inspections. Their trained eyes know when the fate of a tire is drawing near. If they have any concerns, they will let you know. Typically, when the tread of a tire is low, or it seems to be lacking air pressure, or constantly seems flat when driving around Dublin, that is when you need to bring it to Milledgeville and let Butler Ford get you new tires. No one knows tires like the team at Butler Ford.

Why Do You Need New Tires

Besides your engine, your tires are vital to keeping your Ford rolling with confidence. Any sign of age, deformity or wear can put your Ford in danger. It can put your tires out of alignment and unbalanced. And that is a can of worms you don't want to open. When your tires need to be replaced, you want to find the proper tires for your car. The tires on a Mustang are different than the tires on an F-250. That is not a choice you need to make flippantly. You can trust the team at Butler Ford to find the right tires, the first time.

When you are ready to find the right tires for your Ford Explorer in Eatonton or Mustang in Macon, visit the service team at Butler Ford, and you can't go wrong. Our team knows what tires fit your Ford best on the Georgia roads. One stop to our team in Milledgeville and you will be riding on the best tires your Ford has ever experienced.

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